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Spheron (previously ArgoApp): Your decentralized hosting & storage partner

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Building a decentralized ecosystem

Spheron (previously ArgoApp) has been on a row this last week when it comes to building a decentralized ecosystem consisting of various verticals of blockchain. We feel grateful in announcing that we ended up partnering with 3 like-minded founders who are passionately creating blockchain-enabled products to empower people with easy access to finance, domain names & NFTs. We will be announcing their names in the coming weeks as we start integrating with our strategic partners technically as well. Starting with Polygon(Matic) to our recently onboarded partner Ladarken, we have been fortunate enough to have associated our brand with highly respectable, upcoming & innovative companies. We look forward to more agreements in this space & with due strategy, will be announcing each valued partner to our community.

Ladarken is a great use case for our product as it is pretty close to our vision of building a marketplace for NFTs. The team looks solid & we are confident that this collaboration will help us learn & solve the problem around decentralized web hosting & data storage for DeFi set-ups.

Product Update

V2 is ready to launch & we have a big surprise in store for all our well-wishers & supporters next week. The team has outperformed themselves & we are proud of each & every line of code written to make the developer’s experience as frictionless as possible. We are working towards creating an interactive NFT marketplace but you will have to wait for this dream to mold itself into reality.

All highlighted bugs have been fixed as we introduce our architectural revamp through the V2 release. More protocols will be integrated in the coming weeks & as the number of networks increases, our product utility increases with it, thus directly impacting our $ARGO token, currently trading on DFYN & Uniswap.

Fastly outage was a wake-up call

The Fastly outage is not the first time centralized cloud computing is failing internet users. Numerous events have caused outages that resulted in massive loss of storage data, among other vital losses.

This latest network outage experience is a wake-up call that the time for centralized cloud storage services is up. Fastly was not the first and won’t be the last cloud storage service provider to go offline. With the technology present in platforms such as Spheron (previously ArgoApp), it may be time for service providers to consider decentralization as a foolproof way of having a guaranteed 100% uptime. With Spheron (previously ArgoApp), there are no single points of failure as the entire network is decentralized. No single user can cause such a widespread network failure due to the blockchain setup.

Fast deployment, unlimited bandwidth, custom domains, and reasonable service prices are all part of Spheron’s (previously ArgoApp) complete package. In fact, on pricing, Spheron (previously ArgoApp) offers a one-time fee, unlike other cloud storage services that require subscriptions paid monthly or yearly.

Social Media Engagement is key

As updated in the previous digest, #ArGoToken was trending on Twitter in India. This trend helped $ARGO gain some more traction on the charts & assisted brand Spheron (previously ArgoApp) to gain some well-deserved respect from peers & community supporters. In fact, during the recent global outage, we were able to create a great narrative around Spheron’s (previously ArgoApp) decentralized blockchain-enabled products & features on Twitter, stating this outage could have been avoided if the affected big giants were deployed on the blockchain using their decentralized hosting & storage partner.

Last week brought in more than 340k impressions through 90 tweets in the month of June 2021 so far. Almost 31k Twitter users visited our profile & we successfully managed to improve our engagement rate to 1.6% this last week. Spheron (previously ArgoApp) DIGEST 8 was the most engaging tweet of the week with an amazing 2.8% engagement & more than 4500 impressions. Telegram is going great as we are regularly conducting Live Video AMAs on our channel along with traditional text-based AMAs with our partners on their channels to grow our community & reach genuine blockchain enthusiasts.

#ArGoApp #Spheron

Spheron (previously ArgoApp) STATS was introduced a few weeks ago and it is performing nicely along with Spheron (previously ArgoApp) EDUCATE, WHAT IF & the MYTH BUSTER series. Our endeavor to empower people with blockchain & decentralization-related knowledge is on the right track as we continue to receive positive feedback from the community regarding our content.

We’re hiring!

Our team is growing and we need a first-class Frontend React Engineer to join us. You’d be joining a team of 4, making you the 5th member of the team. This is a collaborative team, promoting a “one team building together, utilizing each other’s strongest elements of skills, whilst teaching and learning from one another”. They now need your Frontend Engineering skills to complement this high-performing group!

With the recent launch of our token and the imminent launch of our V2 release, we will be serving more than 1000 users to provide a better deployment experience and come up with innovative ideas to further the growth of storage protocols.

We look forward to receiving your applications and will be in touch after having a chance to review them.

What’s new?

Now you can easily manage your $ARGO tokens on Polygon with the Orange Wallet Created by one of our core team members, this will make buying & selling $ARGO better & cost-effective.

Download now for a better experience


What Spheron (previously ArgoApp) does

Spheron (previously ArgoApp) makes front-end web deployment easy, effective, and efficient through its blockchain-based platform that takes your web app to the DSNs (Decentralized Storage Networks). Spheron (previously ArgoApp) removes the hurdles of centralization and censorship through blockchain, ensuring that your web app is permanently deployed and experiences 100% uptime throughout its life.

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