Spheron (previously ArgoApp) partners with Kudo Money to bring commercial lending to DeFi

Currently, in the DeFi ecosystem, there is a huge gap in the market for commercial lending. This is already reflected in the DeFi ecosystem, where mid to small-cap on-chain companies and NFT artists currently often do not have access to sufficient credit or working capital to develop.

Kudo Money’s Treasury Lending platform fills this gap in the market by providing debt financing and working capital for organisations such as ICO companies, Traders, Market makers and NFT artists. Entities can receive loans by either putting up their own native tokens as collateral. This is particularly helpful for Onchain start-ups who will no longer need to sell tokens to fund project development, but instead can take a debt loan on Kudo.

Kudo essentially acts as an improved replacement for banks, with corporate and institutional borrowers accessing debt financing from Liquidity Pools. These pools allow Borrowers to access credit, as well as Liquidity Providers to access the Kudo loan book, rewarding them with risk-adjusted returns. This is therefore beneficial for both parties — especially for the Borrowers, as they won’t just be paying fees, but also earning fees as well, just like the token holders and participants.

“Towards this effort, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Kudo.Money, where we will help them to become a truly decentralized ecosystem.”

We will be running a pilot program with Kudo.money after our v2 release.

The pilot program will consist of:

  • Decentralizing their Web app deployment
  • Backing up their data on decentralized storage platform using our SDK
  • Exploring various other areas of integration like auto-deployment, notification service etc

Kudo.Money will help us to explore more use cases to solve the problem around web hosting and data storage

Please visit their website to learn more about how Kudo helps institutions increase capital efficiency & provide liquidity for hedging, trading and working capital needs.

About Spheron (previously ArgoApp)

Spheron (previously ArgoApp) is a platform that ships your web app and data into the decentralized network with ease. Using Spheron (previously ArgoApp) any dApp, or data can be truly decentralized in nature

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