Spheron (previously ArgoApp) V2’s Token Integration and Storage Segregation introduces a new level of convenience

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Spheron’s (previously ArgoApp) take on building a censorship-resistant, immutable, decentralized, and reasonably priced cloud solution is exemplary. It defines what future iterations of cloud computing should aspire to be. The platform offers a service that is increasingly becoming a requirement for any modern business.

Periodically, Spheron (previously ArgoApp) is improving on an already robust platform to offer even greater levels of efficiency to its growing user base. Spheron (previously ArgoApp) introduces token integration and storage segregation in our latest update, improving our overall service provision.

The primary service offered by Spheron (previously ArgoApp) is cross-chain web deployment. It takes away the burden of owning multiple wallets and holding multiple tokens to deploy on different decentralized storage networks. It offers the complete package to users who would want to deploy various projects without going through the cumbersome process of multiple wallet registration. Thus, the company needed to provide an update on its method of operation. It did so by introducing a stable coin payment method- $DAI, thereby removing the requirement for its users to have an Arweave wallet or own $AR tokens, as well as allowing for price stability and increased user adoption. At a future time, the $ARGO token will be used as a method of payment as well.

A seamless operation between different chains is a critical factor for success in decentralized platforms. The convenience users receive in centralized platforms needs to be replicated or made even better in decentralized applications. Now, Spheron (previously ArgoApp) can confidently claim that by using $DAI tokens for deployment, our community members can deploy web apps and other services on whichever DSN protocol they prefer.

A key feature we have planned currently in the development phase is that users of our platform are also set to enjoy our new storage segregation services. This is crucial for developers who launch projects with multiple uses that require different storage sets. For example, most platforms launching in this era have multiple aspects of their businesses, such as their core business, social commitments, and impact in their respective industries. Spheron (previously ArgoApp) aims to provide a unified data management experience to its users with the storage aggregator update.

Currently, we can allow for deployment segregation which provides a very similar service, but instead of a place to file, it’s the whole app. Our payment smart contract allows us to charge users based on the deployment, and the system works with build-time. The more time it takes a web app to build & deploy, the higher the fees charged. It also considers the payment that happens on the providers’ side like Arweave, Neo, etc. If the provider doesn’t have any fees then it won’t be taken into consideration.

The payment smart contract is injected with USD build-time (in seconds). When we call charge a user with build-time & provider fees, the calculation for charging the user happens on-chain, and we transfer payment from the user address. That’s why we ask users to pre-approve our smart contract with a specified amount that the user wants to delegate to us for deployment. But the use case would be different for segregated protocols for deployment. This will help users to play around with multiple hosting protocols and choose which protocol to go with for their live/production release without the inconvenience of requiring multiple wallets or tokens just for testing purposes.

Developers will soon be able to choose to upload data for the different aspects of the business to different DSNs and create an interface to check the status of the data uploaded. The overall impact of the storage segregator is to create a system through which multiple DSNs can interact, as explained above through Spheron (previously ArgoApp). Linking of data sets from the different DSNs is made possible via payment of $DAI.

Convenient deployment and organized segregated storage are key advantages for users of Spheron (previously ArgoApp). Developers will experience seamless operations when managing different aspects of their web apps. The convenience experienced by developers is passed on to users of the web apps as they get to experience service delivered seamlessly.

For example, because developers can separate data from their social commitments and online stores, they can give accurate feedback to users who engage with them on these two different aspects of the platform. It also makes it easier for platforms to appoint individual managers of the separate elements of the web app.

The same convenience will also be seen in token integration. Users expect a certain level of convenience in every platform; thus, the introduction of token integration makes web apps deployed on Spheron (previously ArgoApp) meet some of these unspoken rules on convenience.

There is also enhanced transparency as the convenience created makes it easier for developers and users to follow a transaction trail. Token integration reduces the number of transactions, and storage segregation separates data sets for a more accessible location. Carrying out audits or other forensic activities is enhanced with the new update.

Spheron (previously ArgoApp) is using the Chainlink price feed module to charge users based on the current price feed of DAI/USD on Chainlink. We peg everything to $USD, even the provider fee (AR, SC, NEO, etc.) using CoinMarketCap API off-chain and send it to the contract to charge users in $DAI. Users can also verify the quoted rate used by either checking the events of the transaction or querying our subgraph.

Our contracts are deployed on the Polygon network (prev. Matic). Doing so enables very low gas fees and high TPS for users. This provides a superior and more efficient user experience for those involved in our platform.

Once deployment is complete (whether successful/failed) we calculate the time taken for it to complete and send it to our payment API which internally calls our payment smart contract using payment js. We make an RPC call from our API and pay the fees.

Since these contract interaction fees are paid by Spheron (previously ArgoApp) Team, we wanted to ensure gas fees are as low as possible, to sustain ourselves and introduce increased features to our platform for the betterment of the wider Spheron (previously ArgoApp) community. That’s why we chose to go for Polygon rather than Ethereum where gas fees are often very high.

All users have to do is just approve our payment contract with some $DAI. And we made it gas-less so users don’t have to care about holding $MATIC tokens to pay the gas fees for approval. We integrated Biconomy on the contract for doing gas-less approvals.

In addition to the new services, users of our platform can also continue enjoying other features. The platform still maintains its 100% uptime for web apps deployed using its network. Developers are assured of constant uptime for their web apps, with their visitors assured of uninterrupted access to the services. This is made even better with the token convenience and the storage segregation.

With enhanced services, Spheron (previously ArgoApp) V2 will continue to play a significant role in influencing institutional adoption of blockchain technology. The convenience created through storage segregation may imply to institutions that blockchain is maturing and catering to the needs of large and diverse enterprises.

For instance, social platforms require proper storage management due to the many aspects of socialization over these platforms. Social media companies may opt to migrate to blockchain because of the readiness of the technology to handle its unique service requests. Spheron (previously ArgoApp) is working tirelessly to deliver convenient platforms to attract users from centralized solutions to the better serving decentralized platform.

In conjunction with Spheron (previously ArgoApp) V2’s testnet release, we’ve also worked on a faucet application which is at https://faucet.argoapp.live. This enables some testnet $DAI required for testing purposes for our platform.

Spheron (previously ArgoApp) makes front-end web deployment easy, effective, and efficient through its blockchain-based platform that takes your web app to the DSNs (Decentralized Storage Networks). Spheron (previously ArgoApp) removes the hurdles of centralization and censorship through blockchain, ensuring that your web app is permanently deployed and experiences 100% uptime throughout its life.

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Deploy, host, and store your app, dapp, or website using any front end or back end, built to run on any blockchain, to any DSN of your choice in seconds.

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