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Developers face numerous challenges when innovating; thus, it’s essential to give them some breathing room if we want to experience well-built, problem-solving user-friendly platforms. As we built our platform, we made sure to make life as easy as possible for developers. One of our initial convenience points was the ease of web app deployment. Developers can connect to their GitHub repositories through our platform, configure their web app setting, and deploy their applications. A stress-free, no-hassle web deployment experience.

For an initial feature, the ease of web app deployment was enough; however, with increasing usage of Spheron (previously ArgoApp), we identified other areas on which to improve upon the developer experience of our services. These areas include improving on developer experienced in web deployment and billing, among others.

Perfecting web app deployment

In some cases, web app deployment is never perfect. It is common to experience some glitches after the deployment. Identifying the source of the problem may sometimes be a cumbersome task for developers. We, therefore, sought to improve our deployment experience by enhancing log streaming on deployments made over our platform. (This has been updated in our V2 update).

Our enhanced log streaming identifies any problems in the deployment, making them easily identifiable to developers. Easy error identification simplifies the work of introducing changes to the web app for a smoother user experience. The enhanced log streaming also acts as a feedback tool for developers, helping them identify a common source of error in their web apps for developers who run multiple deployments through Spheron (previously ArgoApp).

Developers who require constant updates for their web apps will find our enhanced log streaming tool quite significant. Its ability to quickly identify error points assists in maintaining a continuous impressive user experience. We hope to increase developer confidence when innovating through the assurance created by enhanced log streaming on our platform.

Improved billing services

Improvements to the billing system are two-fold for our developers:

  1. Payment of Spheron (previously ArgoApp)services for developers is now more straightforward with an integrated Payment Smart Contract that bills developers based on the usage of Spheron (previously ArgoApp)services. Our billing is tailored to meet the developer’s demand by offering a flexible payment option that considers the time taken to build the application. For storage, the charges are dependent on our storage partners and the amount of storage required.
  2. Stablecoin integration streamlines payment to developers from their web apps and payment by developers to Spheron (previously ArgoApp). Through $DAI, developers can pay for their Spheron (previously ArgoApp)services and receive payments from their web app userbase. Furthermore, developers can get up to a 30% discount on deployment fees.

Embracing $DAI

As previously highlighted, embracing the use of $DAI is a great way to reduce the burden on developers for payment of our services and their eventual web app users. Embracing $DAI has a host of advantages that makes it especially helpful to developers. These advantages include:

  • Stability of prices as $DAI is a stable coin and is more resistant to market factors in the blockchain economy.
  • $DAI pegged to the USD, thus better cost optimization for developers.
  • $DAI is readily available on any CEX or DEX.

Storage segregation for multiple use web apps

Some developers have innovated solutions with specific storage requirements. This may be in web apps with multiple aspects, each requiring segregated storage such as social media-based web apps or gaming web apps. For this reason, we introduced storage segregation for better storage and management of web apps. Through storage segregation, different data sets, as configured by the developer, are uploaded to different DSNs, thus segregating each storage requirement.

We also added more cloud storage solution partners such as Skynet, equipping our front-end services with the necessary cloud storage tools for better service delivery. Skynet adds better static website hosting services and provides a more affordable short-term archival data storage option, functions which developers may appreciate.

Embracing Polygon

Polygon combines the best of Ethereum with pivotal elements of some sovereign blockchain protocol into a dedicated multichain system tailored for developers. By embracing Polygon, developers using our solutions are assured of a seamless experience working on their innovations.

Our platform, through Polygon, ensures low gas fees and high TPS for improved operational experience by developers. Polygon deals with pain points that many developers go through in other platforms, which is why we chose to partner with the multichain system.

Dedicated to customer service

The improvements introduced in our V2 update are not our last attempt to improve the user experience. We are constantly working behind the scenes to ensure developers using our platform have the most accessible innovation and web app deployment solutions. As we improve our technology, we will pass on the advantages to our users for a better overall experience.

Expect even more from Spheron (previously ArgoApp)!

What Spheron (previously ArgoApp)does

Spheron (previously ArgoApp)makes front-end web deployment easy, effective, and efficient through its blockchain-based platform that takes your web app to the DSN (Decentralized Storage Networks). Spheron (previously ArgoApp)removes the hurdles of centralization and censorship through blockchain, ensuring that your web app is permanently deployed and experiences 100% uptime throughout its life.

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