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5 min readDec 7, 2021


Revealing our new identity: Spheron - Your gateway to DeCloud


So our beards have grown out of proportion now & we are all set to shave them off as the No-Shave November comes to an end & the month of celebrations starts. Although the hair on our faces grew in all directions, the best part about this experience was it ‘grew’. Similar to our protocol, in every sense of the word. Be it the number of users on the platform, the number of projects deployed, the number of deployments & even the number of transactions. Spheron (previously ArGoApp) grew at a healthy rate throughout the month, and we also received several positive feedbacks from developers who tried using our platform from across the world. We can confidently say that even though we moved on from our old identity, we couldn’t be happier about our brand evolving into something complete, which adds more value to our users.

Spheron's (previously ArGoApp) rebranding efforts are in full swing, and the concerned teams are working twice as hard to bring our new look to life. Our mission & vision of making blockchain adoption as frictionless as possible for developers remains the same, as we add more DCNs to make our protocol chain agnostic and help developers use our product without the hassle of exchanging their tokens. We have gone one step ahead with not only making deployment easy & convenient, but we are also making payments on Spheron simple, too, by adding the ease of using various top-notch tokens to pay for our services. You can deploy your frontend & backend using our protocol in just three clicks and enjoy the benefits of simplicity, affordability & scalability.

Argolytics: Enhancing our credibility

Ever since we launched our argolytics platform, we have seen tremendous growth on our platform. It shows that the developer community loves transparency & showcasing our progress in real-time has added more credibility to our protocol. We have had an incredible growth rate in the past month, with over 50% growth in deployments and 22%+ growth in the number of projects deployed. At a 10% growth rate in terms of user growth compared to October, this seems like a pretty healthy curve as we have continuously increased the rate of growth, month on month, since the launch of our beta version. We are all geared up & excited for our mainnet launch, as we keep adding more convenience & ease to a developer’s experience, which will make blockchain adoption easy & help them enter the world of decentralized cloud smoothly, with zero technical hiccups.

Staking app: Rewarding our beloved community

We launched our Staking Program in the last week of July & since its inception, it has been a fantastic tool to reward our community. We have had more than a million dollars locked in TVL several times during the past few months, and the APRs have been consistently rewarding the community handsomely. For example, this past November, the APRs on the LP pool had crossed a whopping 400% APR for several days. And by the end of the month, we were still rewarding our token holders with upward of 200% on the LP Pool & more than 50% on the Staking Pool on both $ETH & Polygon networks.

We urge you to stake your $ARGO tokens and continue to get rewarded by this excellent initiative from our side.

Testimonials: Utilizing network effect

We have been extremely fortunate to have an incredible team of blockchain developers who have created a fantastic tool for developers that allows them to deploy with ease. Making the deployment experience as frictionless as possible has always been our top priority & this mission has brought us close to the developer community. We have interacted with hundreds of blockchain enthusiasts since our testnet launch, and they have openly shared their honest feedback with us, which has helped us make our interface more user-friendly & easy to use. All you need to do is, connect your GitHub repository, configure your settings & decentralize your web applications, all with just a few clicks.

And 7000+ deployments later, we have been able to collect a massive pile of positive testimonials from our active users, which we have been sharing on our social handles for weeks now. In case you missed them, here are a few best ones.

If you have used our protocol and have some feedback for us, feel free to share your thoughts here.

Partnerships & Integrations: Creating a decentralized ecosystem & making blockchain adoption frictionless

Super excited to share that we partnered with Forward Protocol to make decentralized web hosting smooth & easy for Web3 integrated applications. The Forward Protocol is a fully customizable drag & drop option designed to become the WordPress for Web3.

Our product team has been rigorously working hard to remove more layers of complexity from blockchain & make deployment a piece of cake for developers across the globe. The following integrations are almost complete and will be officially announced soon during our rebranding communication post our new landing page is revealed to our community. Stay tuned for more updates as we add more ease to the developer’s experience & make not only frontend but also backend deployment convenient for blockchain explorers.

  1. IPFS integration
  2. Filecoin integration
  3. ENS integration
  4. Bitbucket integration
  5. Akash integration

We are building the go-to industry standard, one-size-fits-all platform, seamless, trusted, and secure. Spheron is your gateway to DeCloud. Stay connected as we are in it to win it, together!

What Spheron (previously ArGoApp) does

Spheron (previously ArGoApp) makes front-end web deployment easy, effective, and efficient through its blockchain-based platform that takes your web app to the DSNs (Decentralized Storage Networks). Spheron (previously ArGoApp) removes the hurdles of centralization and censorship through blockchain, ensuring that your web app is permanently deployed and experiences 99.99% uptime throughout its life.

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