Spheron (previously ArGoApp) October DIGEST

Spheron (previously ArGoApp) is building a great experience for developers across the blockchain sphere

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When you build a great experience, your users tell each other about that. Word of mouth is mighty powerful for any business, especially when your mission is to decentralize the internet. Spheron (previously ArGoApp) aims to make sure our name is synonymous with Censorship resistance, 100% Uptime & decentralized, secure web hosting on blockchain. We have been receiving excellent reviews from the developer community off late, and we are proudly sharing the fantastic feedback on our social media handles.

Spheron (previously ArGoApp) has been growing at a rapid pace during October & apart from our hardworking team; we have been blessed with a wonderful community who has stood by us throughout our journey so far. In just six months after our Testnet launch, we have managed to onboard:

  • 300+ projects,
  • 2000+ users,
  • 5000+ deployments &
  • 4800+ transactions on the Spheron (previously ArGoApp) platform

Our razor-sharp focus on customer centricity has made us attract more developers, week after week, as our web app provides an easy-to-use interface wherein you just need to connect your GitHub account, configure your settings & decentralize your web apps. Our platform lets developers decentralize their dream projects with no additional programming, which allows them to spend more time on building customer-centric solutions that in turn create a positive impact on society. As a result, our deployments have grown more than 118% in October in comparison to the previous month. But this solid growth would have been incomplete without the following. Follow us on Twitter to see more such testimonials every week that keep us motivated.

Super excited to share that we participated in #NEAR’s first-ever Accelerator in India and won the campaign. Kudos to our specialist team, who has been working on several product updates & integrations alongside participating in these challenges to make sure our brand name keeps floating around with positive vibes across the industry.

During the month, we also participated in the $ETH Global Hackathon & won @ensdomains & @biconomy prizes. This goes out to show the incredible pool of talent in our product team that never misses an opportunity to impress with their building skills.

Since we live in a world of appearances, everyone is judged by what they seem to be. It is extremely important to get featured on prominent & upcoming platforms as it helps spread the word about what you are building & how you intend to change the norms of conventional internet capabilities. We were fortunate enough to get some limelight last month and feel incredibly positive about the future as our vision matches the expectations of the industry.

Spheron (previously ArGoApp) is defying Censorship Through Decentralized Storage Network

Spheron (previously ArGoApp) is transforming storage network through decentralized cloud and hosting

Spheron (previously ArGoApp) is one of the first online applications to store and host data on decentralized cloud networks.

Dive in to learn how #ArGoApp creates an atmosphere free of restriction, allowing Web2 developers to take the leap to the #NewWeb smoothly

We are proud to be associated with @ArweaveTeam & are glad to share the space with @ardriveapp and @redstone_defi

Community Driven Verification is the future & @MrAnomus is leading the way to fulfill people’s desperate need for factual & authentic information

We are excited to be associated with them & fully support decentralized mainstream news reporting.

We partnered with @biconomy to make developers experience frictionless & Web3 mainstream. We already offer gas-efficient transactions to our users through Biconomy, making it easy for Web2 developers to join the NewWeb

Such a proud moment for everyone associated with $ARGO as we reached 2000 users on 19th Oct 2021. Much love to everyone who has supported us in our journey so far. We are steadily moving towards our Mainnet and are highly confident of our future as we are growing in almost double digits as far as user acquisition is concerned. Deployments are increasing rapidly, and we expect to reach 5000 transactions on the platform very soon.

Since the launch of our Staking program, rewards have been incessantly high. With APRs of 250%+ on the LP Pool & 50%+ on the Staking Pool consistently, the community has been kind to stick with us & support us throughout the time since we launched our IDO.

  1. Integrations & Product Updates

2. Rebranding

3. Expanding our Marketing Team

Spheron (previously ArGoApp) makes front-end web deployment easy, effective, and efficient through its blockchain-based platform that takes your web app to the DSNs (Decentralized Storage Networks). Spheron (previously ArGoApp) removes the hurdles of centralization and censorship through blockchain, ensuring that your web app is permanently deployed and experiences 100% uptime throughout its life.

Join our Telegram channel: https://t.me/argoofficial

Join our Discord group: https://discord.gg/46XgDjKzH2

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpheronHQ

Follow us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/spheron

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Deploy, host, and store your app, dapp, or website using any front end or back end, built to run on any blockchain, to any DSN of your choice in seconds.

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Spheron (previously ArGoApp)

Spheron (previously ArGoApp)

Deploy, host, and store your app, dapp, or website using any front end or back end, built to run on any blockchain, to any DSN of your choice in seconds.

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