How to get started with Spheron?

Web3 is not just a catchphrase anymore; rather, it is now recognized as an approach to the goal of a better, new internet.

As the Web3 ecosystem is developing day by day, Spheron, the protocol has ideated and constructed the tools that will support devs to build a better web using Web3.

Spheron Protocol is an all-in-one decentralized platform for automating modern dApps. It is the simplest, fastest, and most affordable way to host and deploy your dApps build to run on multiple supported transaction layers to any decentralized cloud network of your choice. Spheron is designed to provide the best experience for developers building in Web3 or migrating from web2 to web3.

Check out the Explainer video, to know more about how Spheron helps you #DeCloudYourself

Wish to Host your DApps via Spheron? here is How you can get started.

To access Spheron’s Aqua version, a user must have a Metamask wallet.

Are you a Web 2 developer? have a look at a step-by-step walkthrough of how to create a wallet.

Step 1. Download the MetaMask wallet

  • Go to the official website
  • Add to your browser. Here’s how it will look on Google Chrome.
  • Lastly, use the Chrome extension panel to open the Metamask extension.

Easy, peezy so far, right?

Step 2: Copy your Metamask wallet address (under Account 1)

You need to add the asked information in the form, along with the copied address under “ETH Address” & the team will verify the information once your submission is finished.

  • Sit back and Chill! You will then receive a mail once the team whitelists you to access the NFT gated platform. With that confirmation, you are eligible to start using Spheron to deploy your web app and #DeCloudYourself!

If you are an active community member or from our partner community and need some guidance on getting whitelisted, you can reach out to Team Spheron on Discord and have your query resolved.

Step 3: Go to and Start your deploying process!

Part 2 of Getting Started with Spheron will be released soon-ish where we will take you through the steps you need to follow to host your DApp via Spheron!

We love some honest feedback! Join our Discord Server and share your feedback on what we are building at Spheron.

Here are some mini tutorial videos:

Setting up a wallet & NFT Whitelisting:

GitHub Integration and Minting your first NFT:

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