Launching Spheron Protocol ( Previously ArGoApp) V2 to make blockchain deployment easy

ArGoApp is proud to announce that our V2 has been successfully deployed & is ready to take your projects to the next level. Our development team has been working hard to add this functionality to the product for weeks & it gives us immense pleasure to share this news with the community. Hard work always pays off & so it did for us night owls, who have been rigorously coding to make blockchain deployment easy for developers.

This architectural revamp brings with it wallet migration, system stability & log streaming enhancement, which makes our offering more versatile, creating a high-end deployment experience for fellow developers who aim to decentralize their applications or websites through ArGoApp.

Stablecoin Integration

Introducing the $DAI stable coin integration. This will ensure easy onboarding of the dApp developers. Previously, the users were required to hold Arweave wallet to use the platform since we accepted $AR (Arweave Native Token) as payment for every deployment. With this release, any payment transactions can be done using MetaMask itself. The reasons to onboard $DAI as a payment method are many but the primary ones are:

1. Stability price-wise as its a stable coin

2. Allows more user adoption

3. Traders maintain freedom & privacy

4. Faster transactions & lower fees

5. 30% discount on deployment fee

ArGoApp has an integrated Payment Smart Contract that deducts the fees based on your usage of our computing system and uploading fees as per Decentralized Cloud Protocols. Developers will be able to optimize their costs, as with every deployment, it will show the payment details with a complete billing overview for their organization. To ensure transparency, the bill rate is also defined in the Payment Smart Contracts that can be changed only by governance (Note: For now, it’s the team that maintains the build rate, but the address will be changed once we introduce our Governance).

Users need to enable wallets and approve a minimum amount to ArGoApp’s Smart Contracts to start any deployment on our platform. Our smart contract takes care of fees to be deducted with respect to the usage in terms of build time and upload fees. Since the computation time and fees required to upload the app are not predetermined, the fees are deducted after the end of deployment. All the payments are done in the polygon chain (Previously Matic), which has higher TPS and involves a minor fee. Some initial test tokens will also be released for testing our platform.

Logs Streaming Enhancement & Bugfix

Issues regarding log streaming have been resolved — now developers can seamlessly track any deployment error that happened during the deployment process. Due to this upgrade, our whole architecture will be more efficient for scaling the services. We also fixed the unreliable failed status for every deployment, empowering developers to create customer focused products with ease & cost-effectiveness.

Default ArGoApp subdomain

This new feature enables you to obtain a default subdomain for every project on our platform. With this, now every project created in an organization will have an ArGoApp subdomain attached to it that will always point to the latest deployment that was done in that project. It also presents a better naming convention for sharing your project previews with anyone.

User-level to Organization-level Wallet Migration

The wallet is migrated from the user level (current version) to the organization level for a better billing experience. Any individual within the team can add a wallet to the organization, but only that specific individual can remove it. Every deployment organization conducts will be paid from that wallet only. This ensures more flexibility for the user to maintain their wallet details based on their organization while also allowing all the team members to utilize the same organization wallet to deploy their projects. Please note, the owner of the organization’s wallet needs to ensure that they maintain their wallet allowances for our contract as well as its balance.

ArGoApp Bug Bounty Campaign has already been launched, pushing user adoption & rewarding capable developers who highlight bugs, helping ArGoApp become a better product with lesser flaws so that the users can move their applications in their best possible intended ways.

What ArGoApp does

ArGoApp makes front-end web deployment easy, effective, and efficient through its blockchain-based platform that takes your web app to the DSNs (Decentralized Storage Networks). ArGoApp removes the hurdles of centralization and censorship through blockchain, ensuring that your web app is permanently deployed and experiences 100% uptime throughout its life.

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