Monthly Digest AUGUST

Monthly Digest #August

As for the weather in general and the growth of Spheron, August was a fantastic month. Spheron has had a remarkable upswing throughout the month. And we are happy to report a lot of interesting things that happened!

All dimensions, including the number of people involved, projects undertaken, and community participation, has skyrocketed. It has been one of the busiest months with many positive effects including significant partnerships, Twitter Spaces with Web3 legends, and resourceful meetups across India.

We keep going & growing

The reason why Spheron’s user base is increasing in all metrics is, that we have bought actual values to the users via our tools and services. Spheron Community is thriving, and we are on fire interacting ad partnering with the creators of the new web. Over the last few months, we have seen an increase in Web3-curious people joining our Discord channel. We set out to accomplish two objectives at the beginning of the year: more users and community involvement. Currently, Spheron has 34.5k Twitter followers and a Discord community of 4200+ active members.

A satisfied user is the finest marketing tactic of all, and team Spheron already nails it

Our user base has increased by more than 38% in the glorious august. The number of projects onboarded has increased by more than 66%. We have a great deal of confidence in the future thanks to a significant rise of more than 74% in the number of deployments.

Product updates:

Team Spheron never fails to revamp its features to help devs in their process of adapting to the new web. Continue Reading to know more about the product updates.

  • Framework: In the latest product update, Spheron successfully integrated support for eight additional frameworks for decentralized web hosting. Team Spheron is committed to making the web3 infrastructure available to all frameworks and users.
  • Node: Users can choose their preferred Node Version using Spheron. Multiple node engine versions are now available thanks to many requests from our beta testers. Now, users have the freedom to select the node version they wish to utilize to create their dApps.
  • Dark mode: Another most awaited feature for developers is also made possible by Team Spheron. We all love a good dark theme and voila, it’s finally on our platform.
  • NFT gated access: The Spheron team surprised its users with a big announcement on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of independence. The NFT gated access to Spheron’s Platform is no longer in place.
  • Spheron Coupon: Folks, Spheron’s coupon access is live! Enter 𝘀𝗽𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗼𝗻𝘅𝗶𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗽𝗲𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗲𝟳𝟲 to access Watch the video for a better understanding. Spheron’s Medium has a series of explainer blogs and associated videos to help new users to the platform.
  • Compute Beta Access Program: For the purpose of attracting the subsequent million developers to Web3 stacks, Spheron is developing tools. For taking part in this initiative, we sincerely thank you. Depending on your input will assist us in improving the app. If you think it will help you be more productive, don’t hesitate to offer your insightful input. Link
  • Spheron Edge Network: To serve websites hosted using Spheron, we are developing our CDN infrastructure. Between the user’s installations and the internet is the Spheron Edge Network. The most crucial duty of the Spheron Edge Network is to direct requests to the appropriate Static File output of your Builds. To provide data to your consumers as rapidly as possible, the Spheron Edge Network caches your content at the edge. To route requests as quickly as possible, The Edge Network is active in several places throughout the globe. Static Files are never location-specific since they are always dispersed over the whole network.

Collaboration equals success

Spheron X Akash Network integration: Team Spheron is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with web3 infrastructure provider Akash Network. With regard to deployment, size, efficiency, and cost, high-growth industries like blockchain and machine learning/AI may operate more quickly thanks to Akash Network, the first decentralized and open-source cloud in the world. Developers can access the cloud for up to three times less with Akash Network than they would with a centralized provider.

To have a deeper insight into the partnership with the Akash network, the Spheron platform will facilitate the below-mentioned services

  1. Unified API & SDK for deploying and managing compute resources
  2. Intuitive Interfaces for tracking container deployment and billing invoices

Spheron partners with Acknoledger: Spheron has partnered with AcknoLedger, which is a global consortium that seamlessly maps the monetization and distribution of Web 3.0 digital assets across all metaverses and gaming NFTs.

To read about what the partnership entails, check on this Link

SecureOn DAO: SecureOn DAOWorld’s First Smart Contract Based UI Verifier DAO for Web3 Native UIs is powered by Spheron. In order to shield web3 users from phishing impersonation domain hijack attempts, SecureOnDao is on a mission. The DAO members’ responsibility will be to protect the extension and prevent unauthorized access by any registry.

Knowledge is power!

Twitter Spaces with Gather

Spheron has recently made a partnership with Gather. This Layer one blockchain will be powered & secured by millions of devices, via website visitors of the Gather Online ecosystem, working towards the genuine decentralization concept.

To read about what the partnership entails, check on the below-mentioned.

Check out the below-mentioned tweet to listen to the spaces that happened with team Gather which talks about How easy it is to enter Web3 with Spheron and Gather.

Spaces with Gather


  • Unfold 2022 by CoinDCX: Spheron attended The largest Web3 event of the year, UNFOLD, which is being organized by CoinDCX in partnership with Yourstory, Devfolio, and Builders Tribe in an effort to transform the world using Web3.
  • Prashant Maurya, CEO, and co-founder of Spheron spoke at the event on how we provide development tools and infrastructure layers to attract the next generation of developers to web 3.
  • Prashant Maurya is pleased to announce that During the CoinDCX event total of 34 projects opted for SpheronHQ bounty. We were among the top 3 bounties which got the highest #submission just after Polygon & Filecoin. We are bringing decentralized infra close to devs Link
  • Demo Day: Spheron was the web3 infra partner of Conquest Demo Day — the accelerator program whose Grand Finale was held on the 28th of August at the Shangri-La in Bangalore. Link
  • AMA with Lacey Kaelani: Team Spheron had an amazing AMA with lacey Kaelani of Metaintro about the Careers in Web3 Link
  • Web3 conference 2022: Team Spheron took part in India’s first chain-agnostic web3 conference, where its First edition took place in Goa. Link
  • Polygon DAO Village: It’s great news for Devs! Spheron is a part of polygon DAO village. Devs building on the polygon can now claim vouchers to access the Spheron platform for all your deployment needs.
  • Community classroom: We are in full power to help Developers join the Decentralised Space!!!! Another great meetup in Delhi with community classroom Link
  • Hack2skill: Hack2skill is the largest and fastest-growing community of technology innovators, including startups, working professionals, freelancers, and student innovators, and yes Spheron is powering this Tech camp. And registration is still open, Click on this link to enroll yourself.

D’you know about the Spheron Clan?

Spheron Clan India Program is for Web3, blockchain, and open source enthusiasts who help us spread Crypto, web3, blockchain, and open source literacy in the greater web3 community via moderation, open source contribution, and educational content while earning Swags, Crypto, and NFT’s. In addition, we aim to spread web3, blockchain, and Open Source awareness among students and professional communities.

To know more about the Spheron Clan Program, Check out the below-mentioned.


What makes Spheron Unique?

Spheron takes the initiative to provide the tools that would make an easier transition to Web3.0 possible in order to help users quickly transition from the existing web to the future web.

In just 3 clicks, you can deploy your full-stack application to the decentralized cloud. Innovative solutions, such as blockchain-based games, wiki sites, DApps, logistic systems, healthcare solutions, IoT apps, etc., can be built and deployed using Spheron. Our main goal is to simplify the process of launching web apps with our front-end platform that is simple to use.

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