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5 min readJul 6, 2022


We’ve been halfway through the year already! Spheron has had significant turning points and profitable networking with some of the leading initiatives & notable figures in the Web3 space. Here’s a glimpse of Spheron’s achievements and success in ‌June.

Big News for devs and folks deploying at Spheron

We have upgraded our platform with much-needed features and fixed high-security bugs that got identified during the beta testing phase for users building at Spheron and those getting accustomed!

Team Spheron has identified that uploading files on Arweave sometime gives 404 due to the Arweave network rejecting the file uploads. Hence, we have implemented an automatic reward boosting mechanism that will boost the transaction reward by 1.5x.

To know more about the features and upgrades delve into Spheron’s Changelog, get yourself updated and benefited!


Winning is a habit at Spheron

Spheron protocol has secured position 1 in the Huobi Incubator’s Colombo Demo day program conducted by Huoboi Incubator, which was jointly hosted by Web3 scholarship.

Prashant Maurya, Co-founder and CEO of Spheron explained how the interface of spheron is designed to provide best experience for developer building in Web3 and or migrating from web2 to web3. Spheron helps devs to save 80% of their efforts to ship their apps in the decentralised ecosystem. And yes, Creating automation in Spheron will take less than 5 mins.



Spheron X Bunzz partnership

Spheron has brought together an exciting partnership with the Dapp development platform Bunzz. Bunzz is a platform to build the on-chain side of DApp. Similar to how Spheron reduces the learning curve and facilitates users to deploy web apps into the decentralized web, Bunzz builds the on-chain side of DApp, where users don’t need to know or have specific knowledge in blockchain or web3.


Biconomy build Shop

Spheron is focused to make Web3 quick & convenient for a Million developers by lowering the learning curve, while Biconomy plans to enroll the next billion users by enhancing the user experience.

Thus, we joined hands with our valuable partner to organize an invite-only Build event in Bangalore for #web3 founders, builders & creators to help them build world-class products that enhance user experience & make Web3 easily accessible for the masses. In addition to being an external speaker, our Co-Founder Prashant Maurya took part in the event as well. To get updates about the Web3 events that are queued in your city never forgot to join our Discord server.



Information is power, and so is the data

When it comes to educating people about web3 and its inherent complications, Spheron always goes the extra mile! Get to know about some intriguing Web3 sessions that took part from various SMM platforms of Spheron.

Spheron proudly hosted Bunzz on its Twitter handle during one of the #web3uncensored Twitter Spaces sessions this month to discuss how the No code platform is achieving mainstream adoption. This Twitter thread on Why no-code platforms are gaining popularity can assist and motivate devs and folks in making the transition from web2 to web3 seamlessly.


Explain like I am 5

During the month, we also participated in several community events curated by The Dapplist One such event we would love to brag about is Explain like I am 5, where our super cool Developer Advocate @blockchainbalak explained the concepts of web3 and blockchain in a simple, easy and uncomplicated manner to the Dapplist community and the attendees. The session was not only focused on the basics of web3 but a demo was conducted to explain How easy and efficient it is to Deploy dapps using Spheron.

To not miss such value-packed sessions, follow Spheron on Twitter & Discord to get updates on our future events.


Talk Sessions

Our Co-founder Prashant Maurya had a gratifying session called Edutalk with Kiran Dutta, where they discussed Web3 and also how easy it is to #decloudyourself with Spheron. Kiran Dutta is the Founder of Web3 Learn where they educate the enrollees to Learn Blockchain Development & Get placed in Top Protocols.


Spheron’s Discord Quiz Contest

In the month of May, we initiated our first-ever Discord Quiz contest. To hold the line of interest and overwhelming participation it gained from the community, Team Spheron organized another round of the Quiz contest last month The winners of both rounds combined were rewarded with NFTs & it was an engaging affair for our Discord members.


Keep Going and Keep growing

In just six months, our user base has already grown by over 29%. This year has already seen more than 110 % growth in the number of projects onboarded. With a robust increase of over 58 % in the number of deployments in 2022, we are supremely confident of the road ahead. Thanks to our early adopters & supporters, we are all geared up for the launch of our upgraded Aqua version which is specially designed for the developer community.

Receiving Web3 love on Social Media

Spheron Family is flourishing and we are just beginning to connect & engage with the web developers of the new web. In the past few weeks, we have witnessed an influx of Web3 curious folks joining our Discord server. Increased users and community engagement were two things we set out to achieve at the beginning of the year. Spheron currently has a Discord fam of 2531 active members and a Twitter following of 31.1k folks.

Get yourself whitelisted

Since it is now obvious that NFT is a key element in fostering user acceptability throughout the Web 3.0 ecosystem, Spheron offers NFT gated access for users before they begin using the platform.

Fill out this form to add yourself to the whitelist so that you may use the Spheron platform. Share this form to help Spheron reach out to web2 developers. Spheron promises to help users make the transition from web2 to web3 seamlessly.

Link to the Google Form, to get yourself whitelisted

What makes Spheron Unique?

Spheron makes front-end web deployment easy, effective, and efficient through its blockchain-based platform that takes your web app to the DSNs (Decentralised Storage Networks). Spheron removes the hurdles of centralization and censorship through blockchain, ensuring that your web app is permanently deployed and experiences 99.99% uptime throughout its life.

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