Monthly Digest: September

The internet is currently experiencing a quiet revolution. Centralization is out and decentralized management is in, in keeping with larger technological changes.

The Spheron Protocol aims to make web decentralization accessible to consumers by enabling speedy and seamless deployment of web apps into the DSN in three straightforward streamlined phases. Our protocol was developed to make deployment easier by providing transparent, immutable, and cryptographically verified solutions.

The underlying ethos of Spheron is to provide folks a hassle-free user onboarding and a frictionless experience when building and expanding decentralized apps. This no-code platform provides a fully decentralized internet run by the people, of the people, and for the people.

Celebrating the progress

For Spheron, the second quarter of this fiscal year has been fantastic. Throughout the month of September, Spheron Protocol has revealed striking growth. And we’re pleased to share that a lot of fascinating events and upgrades occurred!

There has been a considerable increase in every aspect, such as the people, projects, and community involvement in Spheron Protocol. It has been one of the hottest months with numerous successful outcomes, such as big collaborations, Twitter Spaces with Web3 luminaries, and impactful events, meetings, and side events that occurred all over the world.

Growth is the key

The notion that we have delivered substantial benefits to users through our products and services is the reason why Spheron’s user base is growing across all measures. Our community is booming, and we are having a blast collaborating and socializing with the pioneers of the new web. The number of Web3-curious individuals joining our Discord channel has grown over the past several months. At the beginning of the year, we set out to fulfil two goals: community participation and increased user numbers. Spheron now has 4200+ active Discord users and 34.9k followers on Twitter.

The best marketing strategy of all is a satisfied customer, and team Spheron has already nailed it

There is a 55% increase in the number of users in September. Over 93.9% more projects have been added since last year. We are quite optimistic about the future as a result of a notable increase of more than 56% in the number of deployments.

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Team Spheron, which empowers devs to adopt Web3 more quickly, also started educating folks about the most significant events in Web3 and its partner ecosystem.

The goal of Spheron’s newsletter is to keep readers informed about happenings/trends in the web3 ecosystem & marketplace.

Web3 can help build the internet we want, allowing features like greener technology, more equitable decentralized finance and economics, real censorship resistance, and privacy-respecting alternatives to centralized social media platforms already in use.

Potential partnerships

In order to accelerate the uptake of web3, the Spheron protocol teamed with three significant businesses in the month of September. The partners are Akash Network, Nautz, Wasserstoff, and Reef

To learn more about how these strategic collaborations will benefit its users, please visit the partnership blog.

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SecureOn DAO: SecureOn DAOWorld’s First Smart Contract Based UI Verifier DAO for Web3 Native UIs is powered by Spheron. In order to shield web3 users from phishing impersonation domain hijack attempts, SecureOnDao is on a mission. The DAO members’ responsibility will be to protect the extension and prevent unauthorised access by any registry.

Knowledge is power!

Twitter Spaces with Acknoledger: Spheron has recently made a partnership with Acknoledger. And we recently had a Twitter space which was one of a kind brainstorming session that happened. The heads were discussing Building metaverse structure: What, Why, and how?

To read about what the partnership entails, check on the below-mentioned.


Check out the below-mentioned tweet to listen to the spaces that happened with team Acknoledger which talks about Building metaverse structure: What, Why, and how?


Ama Session: Spheron recently rendered an AMA session on Discord Where Spheron and Lumous lab’s Developer Advocates discussed the Impact of Ethereum Merge on L2 Solutions.

Never forget to connect to Spheron’s Discord server if you want to take part in such interesting events. Stay informed about the events, upgrades, and giveaways.



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What makes Spheron Unique?

Spheron makes front-end web deployment easy, effective, and efficient through its blockchain-based platform that takes your web app to the DSNs (Decentralised Storage Networks). Spheron removes the hurdles of centralization and censorship through blockchain, ensuring that your web app is permanently deployed.

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Deploy, host, and store your app, dapp, or website using any front end or back end, built to run on any blockchain, to any DSN of your choice in seconds.

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Spheron Protocol

Deploy, host, and store your app, dapp, or website using any front end or back end, built to run on any blockchain, to any DSN of your choice in seconds.