Revolutionizing Web3 Infrastructure: Spheron Integrates Filecoin (FIL) as a Native Payment Method

Leveraging Filecoin’s Native Token FIL for Web3 Infrastructure Payments — A Giant Leap for Startups and Devs

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2 min readJun 27, 2023

Spheron, a key player in the Web3 Infrastructure space, continually brings revolutionary innovations that drive adoption rates for the infrastructure. Their dedication to empowering the Web3 community remains unparalleled, and their latest move, integrating the Filecoin (FIL) token as a native payment method, sets a new milestone.

Spheron’s FIL Integration: More Than Just a Payment Method

Spheron’s team has always emphasized the potential of native chain tokens, especially when used to pay for infrastructure costs. As such, they have taken a groundbreaking step towards leveraging FIL tokens for infra payments.

This new form of payment will encourage developers building on Filecoin to use FIL tokens for more than just transaction fees.

They will now be able to pay for their Web3 Infrastructure costs without needing to offload their FIL to other vendors, thus increasing the token’s utility.

Benefits of FIL Token Integration

With this new payment model, founders and builders will experience the enhanced utility of FIL in their everyday operations. They can use it for transactions and access other services, specifically those centered on Filecoin.

This use-case for FIL will propel the growth of the entire Filecoin ecosystem.

FIL Token Credit: Helping Startups Make the Switch

Spheron will disburse $3,000 worth of FIL token credit to incentivize startups to shift from existing cloud providers.

This initiative aims to support twenty projects from the FIL ecosystem, each eligible for a credit of $200, usable for Spheron Infrastructure.

Requesting these credits is straightforward: fill out the designated form here, provide the necessary information, and within 24–48 hours, you’ll receive a unique code. This code will unlock services worth $200 on Spheron.

Spheron’s Upcoming Innovations

Spheron is also developing a system for foundations to drive the credit or incentive model while tracking the infrastructure usability of the grantees. This feature, currently under development, will be accessible to the Filecoin Foundation and deployed on FVM once live.

Spheron’s Payment Module will empower any startup within the FVM ecosystem to easily integrate FIL as a payment token.

This groundbreaking feature will offer increased flexibility for startups and add a whole new utility layer to the FIL token.

Get in Touch with Team Spheron

If you are a startup building within the FVM ecosystem and interested in integrating FIL as a payment token, Spheron is ready to help.

Reach out to Team Spheron at for collaboration and assistance.

Spheron’s FIL integration marks a significant step forward in the Web3 Infrastructure space, adding incredible utility to the FIL token and creating opportunities for startups, developers, and the broader FIL ecosystem. Join Spheron today and be a part of this technological evolution.



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