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Rise of Decentralized hosting — how is Spheron (previously ArgoApp) supporting the wave

Centralization is in response to the need for unity, whereas decentralization is in response to demands for diversity. Both forms of administration coexist in different professional and societal systems.

In the blockchain, decentralization applies to the shift of authority and decision-making from a centralized being (individual, organization, or group) to a distributed system. Monolithic services are replaced with peer-to-peer algorithmic markets. With the rising popularity of concepts like crypto currency, NFT and the recent IPO of Coinbase, the world is molding fast towards acceptance of blockchain technology and decentralization.

Centralization, Decentralization, and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the most widely adopted technologies powering present businesses. It has become the de facto centralized processing network. Cloud providers empower business owners to access the computing power of their servers and applications while also retaining comprehensive administration over those resources.

Due to the same connectivity of the cloud, one can design decentralized networks that combine computing approaches and IoT devices that can function autonomously while still transmitting data to other systems.

Spheron (previously ArgoApp) aims to give the power of the internet back to its people. We aim to make decentralized web hosting accessible — where users have more security, lower costs, and much higher redundancy.”

Why decentralized web hosting?

Uptime issues, server crashes, policing of ideas are some of the common threats that a business faces in the services provided by normal cloud hosting platforms. Even today, cloud computing is central for most of the platforms on the internet.

Blockchain technology will enable the capability to use decentralized means, like computing, data storage, and operations. Here, instead of an influential hosting company seizing the bulk of the charge, it would be administered with multiple servers, or by using a peer-to-peer model of distribution.

“The most important benefit of this technology is how decentralized hosting could upgrade web performance by multi-folds, reduce server hacks and crashes.”

In today’s increasingly fast paced environment, lots of businesses are experimenting with various decentralized structures. It is definitely a response to the ever changing times that today, serverless architecture based applications are going to grow rapidly. The recent developments around blockchain, namely, rise of Bitcoin & the arrival of Coinbase as a giant in the trading space, have ensured rising awareness regarding the possibilities of decentralized finance.

How is Spheron (previously ArgoApp) leading decentralized web hosting?

Spheron (previously ArgoApp) was built with the vision of true permanence on the internet without any censorship.

It is a git-based web hosting platform that helps users build modernized websites on the Arweave permaweb. We offer a decentralized platform for businesses with 100% uptime and a one-time deployment fee.

The shortcomings of centralized storage systems have been adulteration of data and forgery posing problems, leading misappropriation of sensitive information.

“With Spheron (previously ArgoApp), users no longer have to worry about security, depend on subscription plans, enjoy fast deployment and scale seamlessly without any monthly recurring fees.”

We offer a platform to ship any web application and data of business into the decentralized ecosystem.

Spheron (previously ArgoApp) is looking for partners!

We are a young team with a big vision! On the look out for strategic partners, who wish to align with a global vision & create a healthier ecosystem. Please reach out to us.

We request you to visit our website to learn more about us.

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