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4 min readMar 10, 2022



Spheron (previously ArGoApp), beyond doubt, is thriving on its mission of making the blockchain ecosystem accessible to the general public. By deploying blockchain decentralized websites within minutes, Spheron has advanced the decentralized agenda.

The protocol has witnessed exponential development in all metrics, including the number of Projects deployed, the number of transactions, and the number of new users. Despite changing the brand name to something more complete, we are pleased with how Spheron (formerly ArGoApp) has progressed into something that provides more excellent value to our users. That is where our protocol’s true success rests. The simplicity of deployment and frictionless experience for developers has attracted many new users, who have increased by leaps and bounds this month. In addition, we’ve gotten several excellent comments from our active users, who have helped promote positive word of mouth about our protocol.

Spheron sponsored a hackathon conducted by HackBMU, which generated some quality projects through 600+ registrations. We had teamed up with them to fund their #hackathon, which happened from February 17 to February 19, 2022, and support budding developers interested in exploring the possibilities of Web3.

HackBMU is a hackathon that encourages future hackers to be innovative, diverse, and collaborative. We are proud to be part of this initiative as we hosted aspiring engineers and developers from all around the world for a hackathon to create mobile, web, and hardware hacks.

Spheron was a part of the community spotlight event organized by Open Web Foundry that fosters and accelerates the best early-stage projects built on Arweave, Which is notable Web Foundry’s first community spotlight. OWF alumni showcased some powerful tools from the Arweave ecosystem at its first Community Spotlight of the season. We were honored to be staged along with some top projects from the Arweave ecosystem.

Growth is never by chance; it results from forces working together. Spheron’s successful protocol had onboarded 538 projects by the end of February. We completed 12,418 successful deployments and onboarded 2708 users by the end of the month, a remarkable achievement for everyone at Spheron. To drive the Web3 ecosystem forward, we need more Web2 developers on the open web.

We can quickly identify engagements in the system with the help of our Argolytics platform. It demonstrates that the development community values openness and that displaying our work in real-time has increased our protocol credibility. In February, Spheron witnessed an incredible upsurge in deployments and a 10.5 percent increase in the number of projects deployed. This appears to be a relatively healthy curve, along with a 4.4 percent-plus increase in user growth compared to January, as we have consistently raised the bar of our growth month after month.

Spheron has a lot of advancements, integrations, and protocol updates in the pipeline, as we strive to provide more comfort and ease to the developer’s experience, making blockchain adoption simple and allowing them to enter the realm of decentralized cloud seamlessly without any technical glitches.

After just 50+ days into the year, Spheron’s protocol shines with tremendous growth & fantastic possibilities for this new year.

We are, closing an eventful month at Spheron with continuous growth & steady progress in all aspects, with an 11%+ increase in users & 30%+ in the projects onboarded this year.

Are you counting seconds or making seconds count? We at Spheron are focused on making every second count. Spheron has completed 164554 seconds of total deployment time since inception. Spheron (formerly ArGoApp) is making a significant difference in the decentralized web hosting industry and contributing to the Web3 ecosystem. We are incredibly proud to share that we have completed 12k+ transactions on Polygon, making our presence felt in their vast ecosystem. Keep an eye on this space for further information, and get involved if you want to make the internet a better place for future generations.

We are always looking for opportunities to support the Web3 ecosystem. Hence, we decided to onboard the ETHernals hackathon on Devfolio as their Bronze partners, the first ETHIndia Online hackathon of 2022. We are also part of a joint bounty collaborating with Polygon in the same event.

Developers will have to build on Polygon and deploy their client-side rendered web applications on the decentralized cloud network using Spheron’s no code 3 step process that ships static websites to the decentralized cloud in no time.

The future looks bright as Spheron continues to grow and sprint forward to become the first choice of developers for decentralized and secure web hosting. Stay tuned for the following digest as we promise to reach higher milestones, announce significant platform upgrades and get a more extensive developer base through our constant & focused efforts in making Web3 easily accessible for everyone.

What does Spheron do?

Spheron makes front-end web deployment easy, effective, and efficient through its blockchain-based platform that takes your web app to the DSNs (Decentralised Storage Networks). Spheron (previously ArGoApp) removes the hurdles of centralization and censorship through blockchain, ensuring that your web app is permanently deployed and experiences 99.99% uptime throughout its life.

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