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Growth is never by mere chance, it is the result of forces working together.

At present, a silent revolution is taking place on the internet. In line with broader technology developments, centralization is out and decentralized management is in.

Spheron, the protocol, facilitates quick and seamless deployment of web apps into the DSN in three simple simplified stages, with the goal of making web decentralization accessible to users.

The underlying ethos is “Of the developers, for the developers, by the developers,” with the goal of democratizing the internet as a top priority. Spheron is constantly bridging the gap between developers and the general public in order to combat monopolists. We created Layer 1 for Web3 Infrastructure at Spheron to make it easier for developers who want to or are intending to leave the Web2 world. At Spheron, development tools are being designed to give best-in-class User Experience as well as CLI support.

Not just like the “April in Paris” that celebrates the daydreamer in all of us, we at Spheron and our community are a multitude of go-getters.

The first four months of the year were a whirlwind of excitement, unstoppable development, important achievements, and helpful networking with some of the industry’s most famous projects and individuals. We’re glad to say that our developers enjoy spending time on their preferred protocol and use Spheron to decentralize their web apps and static webpages on a regular basis. Having exceeded 239k seconds of total deployment time while on testnet is a real testament to the convenience with which our protocol eliminates the complexity of blockchain technology for developers and allows them to decentralize their projects in just a few clicks without any additional code.

Celebrate your progress no matter how big or small it is. We have surpassed 33k Twitter followers and recently added 2400+ users to our Discord server.

We started the year with a clear goal of increasing our user base and interacting with our community. Both our user base and the size of our community have grown dramatically. The participation on all of our social media accounts has been tremendous, and we hope to maintain it that way in the coming months with various initiatives, especially for our Discord family’s devs.

Spheron’s user base has grown by 45 % in the previous six months. And, believe it or not, the number of projects onboarded has increased by more than 95 percent in the last six months. We’re more confident than ever in our product and the developer community connection we’ve developed.

Big results require big ambitions. We’ve finally reached the point where we want to improve your experience, and we’re about to introduce a new version of the app called AQUA. Our goal is to get the next million devs onboarded in Web3 by delivering best-in-class dev tooling.

This version of the software will be retired, and all of our active users will receive a complimentary ticket to the ‘AQUA’.

After successfully completing phase 1, the Aqua version is now in phase 2 of beta testing. Onboarded beta testers discovered critical, medium, and low priority bugs in phase 1. When the procedure was completed, three beta testers were given a monetary prize of $1000 USD.

Join our Discord Server to learn more about what’s going on in beta testing phase

To have a sneak peek of Spheron’s AQUA version, click on the link.

We’ve done more on community engagement than people realize. Spheron has always prioritized growing and engaging our community, particularly on Twitter, and its Spaces. It aims to bring major pillars of Web3 into spaces, to educate and inspire the community. We got the month off to a good start by arranging a Twitter Spaces session with Web3Learn’s Kiran Dutta. It was well-received by our community since we got to meet with one of the space’s top leaders and learn about their experience.

Link Click here

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it. Likewise, our Community is the foundation of our success. With a stronger belief in that note, Spheron hosts a call with its community folks every week. This happens in a vision of joining together today to create a better tomorrow for developers/builders. On this community call, the Co-Founder of Spheron, Prashant Maurya discussed his idea about the Spheron token launch and the upgraded development environment in the product. He also mentioned whitelisting for NFT gated access which will facilitate users to reap the benefits of the recently launched Aqua version. We greet everyone to actively engage in our recurring community call to provide us with fantastic ideas on how to improve our project.

Link Click here

We are simply ecstatic about this new partnership. In a vision to make a big leap towards the decentralization of the Web, Spheron has partnered with Web3 Learn. This partnership aims to enable the developers/builders to bridge the talent and resource gap on the decentralized web.

Spheron is elated to support Web3learn’s community and team by giving them the access, and tools they need to enhance their learning experience. This partnership benefits developers/builders by making decentralized app development and deployment easier than ever before.

Link Click here

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Spheron reinforces its partnership with Koii Network. See how these two networks are collaborating to make web app deployment a breeze for developers. Spheron intends to partner with Koii Networks for their proprietary tools like the Koii-X templates that make building dApps easier. Its SDK supports the building of Koii Tasks, Nodes, and Koii-X templates.

Koii nodes are the best approach to quickly and easily decentralize your app without having to develop your own trustworthy node network. It seamlessly interacts with Arweave and IPFS for completely decentralized storage.

Link Click here

Always deliver more than expected. We at Spheron have reduced the upload time in Arweave from 4 mins to 20 secs. We are facilitating a faster way in lightning speed to enhance user experience. This feature is available in the AQUA version of the Spheron app.

Link Click here

There’s a lot in store for Spheron as we go forward on the next phase of our journey, focusing on user growth and community participation. We’ll shortly pass 3000 users on our protocol, and we’re on our way to crossing 700 projects. This is a fantastic accomplishment, and it reflects our dedication to making decentralized and secure site hosting as simple as possible for developers, with no additional code required in only a few clicks.

Have you used Spheron before?

We at Spheron are putting together a series of user testimonials compilation on our social media handles and we’d love to have yours included.

Would you consider leaving a short quote about your deployment and user experience with Spheron Protocol in general? Or come over on a Zoom call/Google Meet and answer a few questions?

The short quote may revolve around the efficiency of the deployment process, Easy access to forking code from the repositories like Github, picking a protocol to deploy your site for example Arweave, Skynet, Filecoin, Pinata, and the efficiency of Spheron’s deployment settings for the selected repository.

This user review can help our team at Spheron to understand what has attracted the attention of our users and what works best for you. It can serve as an invaluable help to us from our user side.

Please fill out this form and we will reach out to you at your convenience.


What makes Spheron Unique?

Spheron makes front-end web deployment easy, effective, and efficient through its blockchain-based platform that takes your web app to the DSNs (Decentralised Storage Networks). Spheron removes the hurdles of centralization and censorship through blockchain, ensuring that your web app is permanently deployed and experiences 99.99% uptime throughout its life.

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