Spheron January DIGEST


Spheron has seen skyrocketing success in the year 2021. So from the number of Projects deployed, the number of transactions, and the number of new users, the protocol has seen exponential growth in all parameters. Despite the transition from our previous brand name to something more comprehensive, we are delighted with how Spheron has evolved into something that offers more significant value to our users. That is where the real success of our protocol lies. The ease of deployment & a frictionless experience for developers has brought in a pool of new users who have grown by leaps & bounds this month as well. We have received several testimonials from our satisfied users, who have played a significant role in spreading positive word of mouth about our platform. To mention in numbers, today, Spheron has 12250 deployments, 2600 active users, and 490 successful projects onboarded.

The high point of the month

We strongly believe that the key to realizing a dream is to focus on the impact, and then even the small victories will add meaning to your journey. Hence we celebrate all our milestones, big or small; as long as we add users to our platform, we will enjoy our small victories. January brought such a proud moment for everyone associated with Spheron as we crossed 11,000 successful deployments during the month and onboarded 2500+ users. It’s all about adding more value to the Web3 ecosystem & bringing more developers from Web2 to the open web.

Let’s look at the growth rate of Spheron (previously ArGoApp) in terms of users, projects, and deployments in the last week of January. Growth has been consistent & the numbers have increased steadily at Spheron.

  • 6% rise in users
  • 15% in projects &
  • 23% in deployments

Spheron (previously ArGoApp) is becoming a trusted name in the Decentralized & secure web hosting space.

Our new landing page

Spheron (previously ArGoApp) moves closer to finishing our rebranding exercise as we continue to make decentralized web hosting easy for Developers. We were on a mission to launch our new landing page, and when we released a sneak preview of the work that our product team had put into it, the reaction & feedback that we received was phenomenal. The new explainer video that is also part of the new landing page was also well received by our community—presenting our new domain name & our landing page. So do share your feedback with us!

Authorship program by Spheron

With the Spheron Authorship Program, Spheron tokens will be rewarded to content creators to recognize their contributions. Contributions can take many forms — that enrich the Spheron (previously ArGoApp) platform and quickly explain what we do, what the platform is built for, how it works, and how we add value to the Web3 ecosystem, etc. If you are a writer who believes in the power of blockchain and decentralization, post your submissions on Medium / Reddit / Quora / LinkedIn / Twitter and tag us so that we can review and make an informed decision. Let’s build the new web together!

Making seconds count

Having crossed 145000 seconds of deployment, we at Spheron (previously ArGoApp) believe every second is an opportunity to make a positive impact. Spheron (previously ArGoApp) is making a massive difference in decentralized web hosting space as we add more developers to the Web3 ecosystem through our upcoming Hackathons. Watch this space for more information & participate if you wish to create a better world wide web for future generations.

Feedbacks and Mentions

Our focus has always been on our developer community, and improving their deployment experience has been our top priority. We believe if we keep making developer’s experience better, competition, prices & profits, everything will take care of themselves. In addition, receiving positive feedback from the ecosystem gives us a high that nothing else can.

Our future outlook

The future looks bright at Spheron (previously ArGoApp) as we move to the following month. We are currently focused on shifting our resources to target developers & partnerships to grow our user base. We are targeting double-digit growth in the coming months, considering our double-digit MOM performance last year. Many possibilities are about to unfold post our Akash integration; as we add the compute layer, it opens the door for server-side applications. We are on the road to becoming a complete no-code solution for blockchain adoption.

  • GitLab & Bitbucket integration is coming soon.
  • The subscription model is being built in & will soon be released
  • POC is complete to reduce the load time & will soon be integrated

What Spheron (previously ArGoApp) does

Spheron (previously ArGoApp) makes front-end web deployment easy, effective, and efficient through its blockchain-based platform that takes your web app to the DSNs (Decentralized Storage Networks). Spheron (previously ArGoApp) removes the hurdles of centralization and censorship through blockchain, ensuring that your web app is permanently deployed and experiences 99.99% uptime throughout its life.

Join our Telegram channel: https://t.me/argoofficial

Join our Discord group: https://discord.gg/P59SG38AXf

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpheronHQ

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