Spheron x Arcana Network Partnership

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Arcana Network is a Web 3 infra that helps developers onboard users and manage their data layer.

Through its privacy stack, Arcana offers Social Auth to create wallets for users, Store encrypted data, and on-chain access control to data.

With Arcana’s privacy stack, developers can create safe and privacy-preserving apps where users own and control their data, with a seamless user experience on Ethereum and EVM-based networks.

SPHERON is a blockchain-based, serverless app deployment platform that allows any web application to be hosted on a decentralized service. Designed to ease the deployment experience, SPHERON’s protocol provides transparent, immutable, and cryptographically valid solutions. As a decentralized app platform, it perfectly suits the idea of trouble-free onboarding and frictionless user experience for creating decentralized applications that are easy to scale and build.

Spheron will be able to provide easy-decentralized hosting for Arcana Network projects as a result of this agreement. On Spheron’s partnership with Arcana, we are moving towards truly secured decentralized web hosting.

Intending to create a strong community, the collaboration between Arcana and Spheron will deliver a value-oriented package of services for projects striving for genuinely secured decentralization. Spheron protocol provides a simple interface for hosting your websites and apps quicker than centralized hosting and without the need to create any additional code on a leading blockchain-based decentralized storage network.

CEO QUOTE from Arcana: Spheron is one of the most easy-to-use decentralized web hosting platforms with robust integrations, for both web2 and web3 devs. We are excited to help Spheron build privacy into their solution and offer our ecosystem a decentralized hosting solution

CEO QUOTE from Spheron: Prashant Maurya, Co-Founder of Spheron, is excited about this partnership with Arcana as it will help us to progress towards completely safe decentralized data and site hosting.


What makes Spheron Unique?

Spheron makes front-end web deployment easy, effective, and efficient through its blockchain-based platform that takes your web app to the DSNs (Decentralised Storage Networks). Spheron (previously ArGoApp) removes the hurdles of centralization and censorship through blockchain, ensuring that your web app is permanently deployed and experiences 99.99% uptime throughout its life.

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Spheron Protocol

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